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Business Benefits

FREE Project Portal

Offer your external clients and partners a modern, professional project portal – for Free! Built to organize and track your entire portfolio.  

Set the Standard

An equally valuable solution for you, your clients and partners. By eliminating email and bringing a balanced amount of organization, you set a standard enabling project success for everyone.

Eliminate Collection Calls

With automated alerts, the reminders are sent without you being involved, and thus separate you (and your employees) from the uncomfortable conversations.

Project CII.png
Increase Profits

Stop chasing payments with your overhead hours and let your time go to the things you love best...adding value to your project.

Get even more with Premium

Improve Cash Flow

Reduce the time to receive payments from weeks to just days. By offering a convenient solution, payments can be made rapidly with friendly reminders sent to your clients' mobile devices.

Accept Credit Cards without the fees.

All payers are given a free option to pay by check or bank transfer. Or they may pay the standard 3% fee to use a credit card.

Automatic Daily Payouts

Mozzo does not make money by holding onto yours – businesses are automatically paid out daily, once the funds become available!

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