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Personal Benefits

Personal use is FREE!

Enjoy unlimited access to projects, service providers, and storage to track and manage all of your projects.

Pay by Credit Card or Bank

No transaction fees if you fund your payment with a bank - but if needed, credit cards are accepted with a standard fee.

Accessible and Convenient

Monitor project status and make payments from anywhere you take your mobile devices.

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Simple, Fast, and Secure 

Connect and track all of your service providers. From your major remodel to capturing your lawn care and house cleaning - Mozzo can manage all of your projects.

Have peace of mind

Email and physical checks are not secure, nor convenient. Mozzo replaces those tools with a modern, highly secure solution.

Get organized

Keeps active and historical project records neatly organized. Project contracts, schedules, invoices and payments are all just a few clicks away. 

Be ready for the IRS

Home improvement projects can often reduce your tax liability. Let Mozzo help maximize your write-offs.

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