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Protecting your information

We monitor account activities and analyze data to help identify unauthorized transactions. We also partner with Stripe and Plaid, two of the most trusted payment processing companies in the world. But we can't do it alone - if you suspect something is fishy, contact us right away. 


We use encryption to help protect your information in transit and at rest in secure locations. 

Account Protection

If you lose your phone or suspect that it is being used in an unauthorized way, contact us immediately. We will help you secure your account and de-activate your device. For your added protection, we automatically log you out after inactivity. 

Keep Safe

Mozzo is designed to connect clients and businesses with service providers they know and trust. Invitations should never come unsolicited, so if you didn't expect an invitation, be sure to decline it. Mozzo does not offer buyer or seller protection, therefore we suggest confirming you have received your goods or services before making your payment. 

We are here to help

At Mozzo, security is never an afterthought but built into everything we do. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please contact us. We're happy to help. 

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