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How it Works

Mozzo is a project-centric solution that connects people with their projects – built to organize and track essential project elements between two parties such as contracts, schedules, invoices, and payments. It then builds by organizing a client, and one or more service providers into a single project, thereby allowing both separate and overall budgets to be managed. And finally, with no project limit, Mozzo can manage a business’ entire project portfolio.
Because Mozzo was built for both homeowners and service providers, either party is free to build the connections unique to their projects.
For example, a homeowner may start by connecting with an architect. Then later send an invitation to their contractor so they may manage the architect and contractor both separately and as one overall budget. On the other hand, the architect may add a structural engineer to their project, as a sub-contractor. In both cases, the homeowner and architect have a different perspective with connections the other can not see. This allows each party to manage and access only the people they are contracted with directly.
Mozzo creates a hub that offers homeowners and service providers a simple, fast, and secure way to come together and achieve project success for everyone.
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